Office move

Moving an office or relocating personnel can be a daunting task, the thought of disconnecting your printers, monitors and CPU packing them in a box moving them to your new location unpacking and getting your computer back up and running sounds frightening. worry no more let PECS do it for you. Office moves are typically much more complicated than you think, seat assignment , network printers, lunch room set up , Our specialized teams can break down and setup once there while you sleep and enjoy your new office space in the morning. Allow our office moving services to take the headache out of your office move

• Document disposal and destruction
• Furniture donation and disposal
• IT services and installation
• Cost estimates


The best way to plan an office move is to decide which day you want to make your first in the new space, Most people say Monday, but weekends are considered the best. This gives you time to test all the network component, test network printing, ensure that your Network credentials are in working order and applications are tested for the new work week. Things to consider

• Make sure that all your personal effects are boxed and labeled.
• Make sure that desk are labeled with employees name
• Printers should be in central area
• Work with building management to ensure that deliveries can be made on the week ends
• Have a local tech support person to assist in setting up and testing local and network equipment

Our primary objective is a successful move.We are experienced in moving offices of all sizes across New York City New Jersey and Connecticut from 10 to 100 employees. We are always willing to do an on-site walk through with you to come up with an accurate estimate and then type up a written proposal.



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